Jon Hochstat: Testimonials

“Jon is like your hip and trusted uncle, (should you be so lucky to have one) on one hand and the totally cue’d in ‘insider’ that Tony Bourdain might use if he were shooting a new show on Costa Rican cuisine.”

Norman Van Aken – Chef/Author/Teacher/Grandpapa

“Jon has had various roles in my life; as a valued co-worker, business partner, friend, and extended family member for almost 25 years now. We have helped each other find our best “next steps” throughout our US and overseas careers, and Jon is someone I never lose touch with. Extremely smart, talented, studied, and passionate about anything he is involved with – Jon is a well connected guy who always has an inside track. Most importantly, he maintains relationships, and is a savant when it comes to putting the right people and the right situations together at the right time. Back when my father was the principal executive of the Walt Disney Company in Europe – I got calls from all over the world from people wanting access and opportunities. Jon remains to this day, the only friend whose résumé I have ever put directly on my father’s desk. Jon’s subsequent résumé tells the rest of that story…”

Dennis F. Hightower, Jr. – Serial Entrepreneur/COO of Bamboo Global Industries, LLC/Co-Founder of Black Swan Holdings, LLC

“Jon gets shit done… If you need shit done, Jon will make it happen the first time”

Daniel Eun – Former Head Bartender at PDT in NYC

“Jon Hochstat is a one of a kind. You need a dentist in Latvia, an operating system analysis or a sous chef in Lima? He is the man who can fix it for you. His breadth of international experience, supreme rolodex and professionalism makes him an asset for any business.”

“Jon is the fixer’s fixer.”

Stephen Myers – Global Brand Ambassador Ilegal Mezcal

“Jon is quite a dichotomy and very unique. If you meet him in his role consulting for the Hospitality industry, probably the most organized, thorough and focused person you will ever meet. However, if you meet him in his element as a moderator/connector he is calm & relaxed and ‘sees’ how to connect an idea to the ‘right’ person. He is always looking for a person or people to take an idea and run with it. He’s a consummate networking professional making relationships effortless and will always stay in touch once he meets you because, as he says; ‘you never know’. ”

Joe Vastine – Senior Manager, Sales Strategy & Operations at Omnitracs – A Vista Partners Portfolio Company

“If you’ve got to go into battle, Jon is a guy you want by your side. He’s fiercely loyal, a tireless worker and a wealth of knowledge.  He is an expert researcher with a knack of finding the impossible-to-find. He is a fearless networker and social media savant and is instantly liked and appreciated by all he encounters.  All of these traits along with his wealth of experience in the hospitality industry make him an invaluable asset to any industry folks in need of assistance.”

Michael Katz – Partner, Sikwa Restaurant / Los Yoses San José, Costa Rica. Named #86 Restaurant in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants First Ever 51 – 100 List for 2022

“I had the honor to work with Jon Hochstat in the offices of Crif Dogs and PDT. He came in and cleaned up the joint. Chaos was cleared, files were made, and rules were set. Everyone always came to Jon in a panic, but he never let anyone down. His people skills along with his organization skills point to a serious leader. He also has a great sense of humor, which is important in any situation. I learned a lot from working with Jon and take much of the stuff I learned from him into other venues where it makes me excel.” 

Jess Wood – Actress/Author/Comedian/President of Get Wood Productions

“If you don’t have Jon in your rolodex of contacts, you are that much further behind the competition. He is your go to contact in the Hospitality Industry. In the rare case he personally can’t “fix” your situation, he is a good friend with the guy who can. Whether it be getting your restaurant’s shirt inside the culinary event of the year or lending his years of experience to a couple of surfers in Central America helping turn their local pizza shop into a well oiled machine, Jon is your guy. A true professional in every sense of the matter, Jon is somebody that we are  glad is on our side of the court.”

Joe Sparks and Kevin Eich – Owners The Pizza Shop / Playa Jaco, Costa Rica

“We’ve all gone to a colleague, seeking something and/or someone and don’t know where or how to start and your colleague says, “I have a Guy”, you best pray “that guy” is Jon Hochstat. If we speak of Jon, we could speak words like, dedicated, resourceful, goal driven, etc…But these are just mere words to what he can truly accomplish. To actually witness the skill-set he brings to the table is mind boggling, as what he does is TRULY Un-Definable. You’re left standing, mouth open and asking questions like; How did you…. Where did you…Could you explain…I’ve known Jon over 25 years and I still get blown away by what he accomplishes, a true asset but I’m quite sure now you get the picture; Well that’s Jon.”

Mark Anthony Staha – Former colleague at opening of EuroDisney (Marne La Valée France 1992) and reopening of historic Mount Nelson Hotel (Cape Town South Africa 1993)

“Jon Hochstat is the leading advisor within our team. Jon has an extensive knowledge of restaurant operations. His network of industry contacts include some of the most influential and respected professionals in the field of gastronomy.”

Danny Clark – Chef/Owner Graffiti. Chef/Owner/Brewer Puddle Fish Brew Co. at Jaco Walk (Opened March 2017) Playa Jacó Costa Rica